Section 4 – Finish Edges and Stitch Now onto finishing the edge of the bowl: after applying fusible web to the fabric you’ll be using for this, cut a few strips about ¾” wide and altogether long enough to cover the entire circumference of your bowl. I didn’t cut them on the bias because I didn’t have enough fabric…it was just a bit trickier but it worked.

Thank you for all your visits, comments, questions, encouragement and good wishes. I can feel the pressure! One very important question I received: “What are we aiming for?” Answer: This is our goal: Another question made me laugh: “Are you going to continue the instructions this month or is it going to be one step a month?

During the past years I have received many requests for instructions on how I make Fiber Bowls. Some people come to take a class and for others it is just not possible. So, I’ve decided to make this my first real blog post. There are numerous publications, videos and articles about making these bowls varying the materials and shapes, but the basic technique is always the same, and it is the technique that I use.