Wrapping up Spring 2018 workshops - FIBER BOWLS

May – Bowls at Quilt Gallery in Kalispell, MT and Eugene, OR

Bowls, Art Bowls, Quilt in a Bowl, Fiber Bowls, Fabric Bowls, however we call them they are three dimensional fiber works in the shape of a bowl varying from 14” to 18” in diameter.

We start with a base of heavy-duty canvas and fuse layers of fabric in a pleasing design. This fusing is temporary as we then sew through all of the layers, canvas included, to hold it all together.

Here are some of the very clever and diverse designs that the ladies from Kalispell and Eugene’s Emerald Valley Quilters created, from left to right, top to bottom: Deb1, Deb2, Sheila, Shari, Joan, Susan, Martha, Sigrid, Belinda. These are only a few, some are finished and some are almost there! I always enjoy finding out how and where everyone finds their inspiration.

Thank you everyone for joining me in these sewing adventures, your enthusiasm and watching you create is what makes these teaching experiences fun! Thanks also for letting me share your work with others.

This marks the end of the Spring workshops after which we spent a few days at the coast to relax and recharge.


Sandy willis (Mar 21, 2021)

So fun to see all of this, what an inspiration you are Hilde, Your new work as I see it is just beautiful. Your daughter is appreciated for her work in medicine, i know you are proud! Take care!

Suzanne Warren (Jun 7, 2018)

These are so beautiful- the makers must feel very proud and inspired!

Alene stoll (Jun 3, 2018)

Thanks for sharing. You obviously are the leader to instill this kind of creativity. Fine really fine.

toni smith (Jun 2, 2018)

always a delight to see what you are up to!

Jan Sturtevant (Jun 1, 2018)

Fabulous! So glad you share your students' wonderful creations. I can’t wait to make a bowl.

Ingrid (Jun 1, 2018)

These bowls are beautiful! It’s so interesting to see people’s designs and colour choices.

Melanie Grant (Jun 1, 2018)

So fun to see everyone’s bowls! Beautiful work…
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